We all the guys are very lucky and appreciate to get the training in certificate I in construction and also we are thankful to the MiHaven Training centre. First of all we expect the better achievement from MiHaven to build our career and they help us to build our career in construction site. MiHaven trainer (Paul) is very friendly and helpful and to also he always motivated us to do something new in everyday and also appreciate about it. Every day we learnt new thing and learnt how to use it in proper ways in construction site.
— Chandra Paudyal - Certificate I in Construction (Refugee from Nepal with English as second language)
The training was very accommodating when it came to fitting in with your current lifestyle, fulfilling all requirements of the training will definitely expand on knowledge and experience already possessed.
— Carmel Clarkin - Certificate II in Retail Services
We are very much grateful to MiHaven because we learned many useful skills in our day-to-day life as well as in future. Same way, we give thankful to Paul who taught us smoothly and peacefully way through out training period. Once again I and all my mates wants to give thankful to all the staffs of MiHaven for providing us good skills for our life. I got the apprenticeship course too so I am very thankful to all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
— Dhan Gurung - Certificate I in Construction (Refugee from Bhutan with English as second language)
This course provided me with the skills and knowledge to be competent in the working field along with motivation and drive to suceed.
— Thea Prescott - Certificate II in Retail Services
I highly recommend MiHaven Training. They are professional and willing to help in any way they can to make the course as informative and running smoothly.
— Leanne Murray - Certificate II in Retail Services
The course was very good. I learnt new things on what to look out for, how to dress and who to go to (regarding to the organisational chart)
This course helped me find out more about myself, I learnt new hidden skills that I didn’t know I had. I would definitely recommend this course to my family and friends. Elaine is the best trainer EVER.
— Thomasina Warria - Certificate II in Retail Services
I really enjoyed this certificate II in Retail services training. The units were easy to understand. I’ve learnt new skills and knowledge and my trainer was great, I recommend this to everyone.
— Shanice Ryder - Certificate II in Retail Services
My experience in participating in this course was one of the most positive and rewarding thing for my personal self-esteem I have ever had.
— Cristina Pupillo - Certificate II in Retail Services