Complaints and Appeals Policy


This policy ensures that all participants and participants are able to formalise a complaint or appeal regarding training and assessment conducted by MiHaven Training. 


All participants will be informed about the complaints and appeals policy prior to commencing training with MiHaven Training.  MiHaven Training will treat all complaints professionally and confidentially.  MiHaven Training will ensure all parties have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the complaints and appeals procedure. 

MiHaven Training will follow the complaints and appeals procedure and attempt to resolve the issue within 28 days of initiation.

Participants may raise matters of concern relating to training delivery and assessment, the quality of the training, discrimination, sexual harassment and other issues that may arise. The policy provides an avenue for most complaints to be addressed.   Participants who feel an assessment decision was unfair or incorrect may choose to lodge an appeal of the decision and MiHaven Training will follow up using this policy and procedure. 

MiHaven Training will encourage the parties involved to approach a complaint or appeal with an open mind and attempt to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation. Where a complaint cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, we acknowledge the need for an appropriate external and independent agent to mediate between the parties.


The complaint and appeals procedure goes through 4 stages, which are documented and filed in MiHaven Training office (130 Abbott Street Cairns QLD 4870). All staff will be made aware of the procedure and policy during their induction and any changes or updates will be presented during monthly meetings. 

Stage 1

To be completed within 7 days of the complaint being lodged:

  • Discussion with relevant teacher/trainer about the complaint.  If it is difficult to discuss the issue with the relevant teacher/trainer, the complaint can be taken to any of the teachers / trainers at MiHaven Training.
  • If a formal complaint is to be made, the trainer/assess will need to complete a Complaints and Appeals Form.  This record is to be used through all stages of the resolution process and will be kept on the participants file.
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, the complaint/appeal will advance to stage 2

Stage 2

To be completed within 7 days of the appeal/complaint progressing from Stage 1:

  • The complaint will be discussed with the Managing Director or their delegate.
  • If the complaint is related to an appeal of assessment decision, the Managing Director and another trainer will moderate the assessment tasks and make an independent decision
  • If the result is different to that made by the original trainer/assessor, the result will be altered and the assessment process investigated
  • If this issue remains unresolved, the complaint/appeal will advance to stage 3

Stage 3

To be completed within 7 days of the appeal/complaint progressing from Stage 2:

  • At this point an external mediator may be utilised to assist in resolving the issue
  • If mediation fails the complaint will escalate to level 4 and will be handled by an external body in order to achieve a result.  In the case of assessment appeals, a process of external moderation will occur if the learner was not satisfied with the outcome of stage 2

Stage 4

To be completed within 7 days of the appeal/complaint progressing from Stage 3:

  • MiHaven Training will advise the client of the appropriate body where he/she can seek further assistance.
  • MiHaven Training will also seek legal advice at this stage of the process.

Associated Forms:

Complaints and Appeals Form

Complaints & Appeals Register